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EMB017 - Concrete Space EP - Cassette Tape

by Distal & Mite

$8.00 / On Sale

1 Cassette Tape of DISTAL & MITE's - Concrete Space EP

Distal and Mite represent a techy Atlantan bassbin sound on 'Concrete Space' for Distal's Embassy Recordings. Five tracks apiece render sinuous moires of house, bassy club music and sliding synthlines meshed with trap trills and swooshing concrète-like simulations. Distal's at his best with the spacious, Jam City-alike structure of 'Defnet' and the nimble mixture of air-carving dynamics and pointillist drum programming in 'Facebook Federali', whilst Mite impresses with the cold, hardcore-injected minimalism of 'Drum Habit', the shifty bubblers' flow of 'Cop Car', and holo'd UK grime style flex of 'Witch Doctor' or 'Duppy Dem'.